04 MAY – 30 JUNE 2017



Tessy King is a Melbourne based artist working predominantly with ceramics and installation. Tessy explores the display process as a method within her practice and uses the ceramic vessel as the central object. These vessels are exaggerated and deconstructed, referencing antiquity, garden ornaments and domestic ware while bringing into question notions of value and meaning around the prosaic. Tessy builds structures for viewing these objects out of additional materials which play with the idea of display and its role in the way viewers understand objects.

The idea of the window display is central to this exhibition at the Dolls House Gallery. Sloppy ceramic vessels of varying sizes are displayed with props that notion to the process of ‘window dressing’ and shop front curation. By exposing this commonplace and accepted form of enticement the work will gently examine the place between ‘selling’ and ‘displaying’ works of art.