108 Miller St.
West Preston, 3072.
Victoria. Australia

The Dolls House was built in the mid 1970's by William Cave Howard (1905-1990).  Its materials are distinctly 1970's while the design and
proportions reflect a more Georgian Persuasion. 
Initially the Dolls House lived in Adelaide and was used by children
to act out real and imagined stories and as a space in which to play
games.  In 2002 The Dolls House moved to Melbourne, but it was not until March 2004 that it took on its current role as a not-for-profit gallery space.
Situated in a shop window in the inner north of Melbourne, this miniature gallery exhibits site specific installations which engage with the inherent readings, challenges and opportunities presented by its scale and form. The accessibility of both the shop window and the Dolls House, as a site of play and fantasy, invites anyone and everyone to pause for a moment and look through its four rooms.   

Julie Burleigh's Nothing to See Here

curator: Sophia Cai

until 30th October, 2016


'Nothing to See Here' is a solo exhibition by Melbourne ceramic artist Julie Burleigh, curated by Sophia Cai. The exhibition addresses the domestic environment and how it reflects and extends feelings of chaos and disorder, peace and stability. Burleigh works with both representational and abstract forms, and the scale of her works lend themselves to the Dolls House gallery. 

Previous works by Burleigh have seen her create freestanding dioramas that are concentrated scenes, stills or frames. These dioramas are always filled with objects but devoid of inhabitants, who appear to have just stepped out of the scene. The rooms and their objects are portraits of their owners, and invite speculation on how our personal possessions tell our stories. 

'Nothing to See Here' comprises four related scenes, divided amongst the four distinct 'rooms' of the Dolls House. The two abstract rooms are a pure unmediated expression of the artist's states of mind, which is subsequently given a more readily accessible form in the more representational rooms. 

Burleigh is a lover of comics and this body of work references the dense messy interiors of Julie Doucet's 'Dirty Plotte' and 'My New York Diary', Frank Miller's and Geof Darrow's 'Hard Boiled', and the intense personal ramblings of Dan Clowes. Her practice is also influenced by an interest in science fiction and the attendant theme of 'world making' or 'other worlds'.


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