In November 2017, a photographer and stylist flew down from Sydney to shoot the interior of my home for a book.  They didn’t know that in anticipation I had studied my Pinterest “Interiors” board daily for two months, bought the latest copy of British Elle Decoration, borrowed countless World of Interiors magazines, and two books by Ilse Crawford.  I asked a shop called Modern Times to loan back four paintings that I had consigned them.  I purchased overpriced pot plants, gave my Ikea Billy bookshelf away on Gumtree, and replaced it with grungy brown furniture from my studio. I forked out for a drawing by a French artist who lives in London, and a painting by an illustrator who lives in Norfolk, only one of which arrived before the shoot.  I hid my ironing table, phone charger, dirty apron, tea towels, underwear, a packet of Panadol, unread super documents, grocery lists, my boyfriend’s rabbit fur moccasins, supersized Listerine and hair gel.  I put away my Thank You pump soap and replaced it with an Aesop Resurrection.  And I cleaned above the bookshelf.  But I forgot to clean the windows.


BIO: Sandra Eterovic studied art history at university.  She worked as a textile and graphic designer for over fifteen years, notably for children’s brand Seed.  Over the past eight years Sandra has been working as a freelance illustrator, making objects to sell online and in shops, and painting for exhibitions.